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“A Multi-Objective Simulation-Based Scheduling Approach for Wafer Fab Operations” – D-SIMLAB’s novel scheduling approach for semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities will be presented at the 21th European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing Process (apc|m) Conference, to be held during 28-30 March 2023 in Bruges / Belgium, The benefits that have been achieved through deployment of the corresponding D-SIMCON Scheduler solution in a 200mm wafer fab in Japan will also be highlighted.

The key advantage of the D-SIMCON Scheduler comprises a number of exciting differentiating features that will be explained in more detail in the presentation:

  • The multi-objective configurable scheduling approach does not require separate maintenance of any dispatch rules.
  • Optimal schedules are taking into account the latest status and constraints across several Equipment Groups.
  • Objective function and constraints can be auto-adjusted based on the latest WIP situation.
  • Experimental enhancement of scheduling objectives is enabled.

The overall paradigm pf this approach is reflected by the scheduling engine’s ability to guide the search for an optimal schedule using a rigorously tested Genetic Algorithm with domain-specific heuristics, supported by a customised Greedy Search; The focus is on creating maximum possible value with smart heuristics, requiring as few iterations as possible, and leveraging parallel computing infrastructure to achieve this within minimum time.

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