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The D-SIMSPAIR suite is built on a number of enabling modules comprising a Dashboard from which all Use Cases can be accessed, a Field Parameter Analyser, an Inventory Network Simulator, an Inventory Optimiser and an Expendables Settings Analyser.

D-SIMSPAIR Dashboard

The D-SIMSPAIR Dashboard is a live-data fed, fully configurable User Interface that provides Users access to various business processes that have been implemented using different D-SIMSPAIR modules.

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D-SIMSPAIR Field Parameter Analyser

The D-SIMSPAIR Field Parameter Analyser (FPA) is a statistical analysis tool that enables monitoring and detection of trends and seasonality effect as a basis for regular revision of critical planning parameters.

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D-SIMSPAIR Inventory Network Simulator

Based on a simulation of aircraft operations according to realistic flight schedules, part removals according to their specific reliability characteristics as well as delivery and re-balancing logistics, the D-SIMSPAIR Inventory Network Simulator (INS) provides the User a view of how the inventory network and the expected Service Level performance is expected to evolve over time.

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D-SIMSPAIR Inventory Optimiser

The D-SIMSPAIR Inventory Optimiser is a module to determine optimal default inventory ownership quantities based on a Service Level Target or a Budget taking into account all constraints of the spares management process.

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D-SIMSPAIR Expendables Settings Analyser

The D-SIMSPAIR Expendables Settings Analyser enables determination of optimal values for Economic Order Quantities (EOQ) and Re-order Points (ROP) based on various operational parameters.

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