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The D-SIMSPAIR Core comprises a Discrete Event Simulation platform to simulate the operations of a fleet of aircraft and the spare parts delivery, repair/re-supply and inventory re-balancing cycles with a high degree of fidelity, and an Optimisation engine to determine optimal default inventory quantities and allocations to different stockholding nodes, based on different optimisation criteria and constraints.

D-SIMSPAIR also comprises a powerful Business Process Engine (BPE) which is used to customise and automate critical business processes such as Initial Provisioning, Inventory Outage Alert or Redistribution of Serviceable Spares. These use cases can be stored as pre-set scenarios and picked and executed by a User for different data sets on a regular basis. Each of the use cases has predefined reports. The User is also provided with the capability to download raw output data and perform offline analysis before connecting to the underlying ERP and executing the decisions.