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Management Team

The D-SIMLAB management team has been successfully working together since 2001 at Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology and D-SIMLAB Technologies Pte. Ltd. and brings together a unique combination of technical, industry domain and R&D management expertise that helps synchronise technology and services to deliver turnkey solutions to clients. Doing business on a global scale is facilitated by the team’s diverse backgrounds and a well-developed reputation in the international R&D community and industry circles. In March 2009 the D-SIMLAB management team was conferred the A*STAR Scientist Entrepreneur Award.

  • Gan Boon Ping

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Gan Boon Ping, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has been involved in simulation technology application and development since 1995.

    In 1998 Boon Ping joined the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology where he led a multi-year research project funded by National Science and Technology Board (now known as A*STAR). The project was to develop and apply parallel and distributed simulation technology for complex systems such as semiconductor manufacturing and port operations. The result of the project is now the core engine of D-SIMLAB Technologies’ products. He was also responsbile for several operations improvement projects with wafer fabrication clients which concluded with multi-million dollar savings. He is now responsible for managing the technology and product development at D-SIMLAB as well as execution of projects in the semiconductor and engineering domains.

    Boon Ping holds a Master of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Engineering (major in Computer Science) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

  • Dr. Peter Lendermann

    CBDO and Co-Founder

    Peter Lendermann has been involved in decision-support for logistics and advanced simulation technology for 15 years and is a recognized authority in the field. As the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), he is the scientific thought leader and is responsible for strategy and business development at D-SIMLAB.

    Peter has been engaged in the simulation community since the early 1990’s when he worked in multinational research collaboration at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and Nagoya University (Japan). In 1996 he joined a German consulting firm where he was responsible for business process re-engineering projects with numerous process manufacturing, aviation and automotive clients in Europe, Canada and China. Since 2000 he led the simulation-related research activities at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology until spinning them off into D-SIMLAB Technologies in 2006.

    Peter holds a PhD in Applied High-Energy Physics from Humboldt-University in Berlin (Germany) and an MBA in International Economics and Management from SDA Bocconi in Milan (Italy).

  • Dr. Nirupam Julka

    CFO and Co-Founder

    Nirupam Julka, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), has been working in the field of supply chain simulation since 1999.

    In 2001 Nirupam joined the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) where he executed simulation-based projects with multinational companies as well as in collaboration with academia. Since 2004 he has also been managing the development of products for aerospace asset management while at SIMTech. In his present capacity of CFO at D-SIMLAB he is responsible for the overall financial management and investor relations. He also oversees all partnerships as well as leads new domain projects for D-SIMLAB products.

    Nirupam holds an Engineering Doctorate (cum MBA) in Manufacturing Systems from Cranfield University, UK, a Master of Engineering from National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

  • Oliver Diehl

    VP Projects

    Oliver Diehl joined D-SIMLAB as VP Projects in 2012.

    Before joining D-SIMLAB, Oliver worked in the area of optical test and automatic image processing in the electronics manufacturing industry, as well as simulation tools for electronic circuits. He has more than 10 years of experience in sales and customer support management positions, which includes setting up a regional Asian office for a listed enterprise and cofounding a company.

    Oliver holds an engineering degree in Applied Physics from University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten.

  • Low Soo Leen

    VP Operations

    Low Soo Leen has been leading deployment projects at D-SIMLAB. She has and successfully completed implementations of various D-SIMLAB products at 10 wafer fabrication plants, specialising in simulation modelling and tool capacity optimization. She possesses deep domain knowledge and understanding of wafer fabrication operations, and strong data analytics skills.

    Soo Leen holds a Bachelor degree (with Honours) in Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore.