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Currently in the focus: D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser, a solution to help Semiconductor Manufacturers address challenges around the current worldwide chip making capacity shortage.

The tremendous increase of demand for Semiconductor ICs we have recently observed, driven by the automotive and computer hardware industries as well as mobile device makers, coupled with the unstoppable desire to instrument everything, and further accelerated by needs triggered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has led to a dramatic worldwide shortage of Semiconductor Manufacturing capacity. According to many analysts, this shortage is expected to last through 2022 at least into 2023 because demand will remain high and supply will remain constrained. This also means that existing capacity needs to be made use of as effectively as possible, with the objective to maximise output of products according to certain criteria in a single fab and even on an aggregate level across several fabs in order to capture as much as possible of the current market.

In this setting, the D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser is a domain-specific solution to address the question of how much of which product can and should be fabricated at what time. It comes with several unique features such as load mix optimisation capability with regard to different objectives, considering financial factors such as cost and non-financial factors such a customer priorities, and it works in conjunction with the D-SIMCON Static Capacity Engine or any other capacity analysis software that you might already have in place.

The D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser is a powerful tool that has helped companies to enhance output capability by double-digit percentage points and will also help you not only to increase your share of a cake that is almost bursting but also enjoy the best-tasting parts of this cake, i.e. make and sell those products that will maximise wafer out, revenue or margin.

For further enquiries please contact:

Dr Peter Lendermann, Chief Business Development Officer, peter@d-simlab.com