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D-SIMLAB Awarded S$500,000 Grant under SPRING Singapore’s Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS)

D-SIMLAB outperforms hundreds of business proposals to clinch the competitive TECS Grant

D-SIMLAB Technologies Pte Ltd, the Singapore-headquartered leading provider of high-performance, simulation-based decision support solutions for asset-intensive industries, has been awarded up to S$500,000 grant from SPRING Singapore under the Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS).

TECS is a competitive grant in which proposals are ranked based on the evaluation of a team of reviewers, and the best proposals are funded. D-SIMLAB submitted its Proof-of-Value (POV) proposal during the Grant Call in January this year.

D-SIMLAB will be using the grant to develop a novel “symbiotic simulation” framework where a simulation model interacts with the real system it represents in a symbiotic manner such that the real system can benefit from re-optimisation runs carried out in the simulated system and the simulation model can benefit from adaptations in the real system. The project will bring disruptive changes to both current methods and markets because for the first time companies will be able to own and use a high-visibility and high-accuracy decision support tool to optimise critical parameters of complex day-to-day operations that are subject to random effects. The ability to adapt the underlying simulation model in connection with the ability to conduct simulation-based optimisation at any decision point in time will make continuous risk assessment possible and ensure that savings are real and maintainable. As a result a traditionally “nice-to-have” technology for strategic and tactical decision-making will eventually be transformed into an indispensable “must have” tool for operational decision-making. D-SIMLAB plans to introduce this technology for spare parts management in the aerospace industry and semiconductor manufacturing through their flagship products D-SIMSPAIR and D-SIMCON, respectively.

D-SIMLAB, a company that spun off in 2006 from the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), has achieved much over the last three years. As a former incubatee of Exploit Technologies – the marketing and commercialisation arm of A*STAR – D-SIMLAB has benefited from the mentoring efforts and business leads generated by its incubator. The company has ventured overseas in October 2008 by establishing a European subsidiary to better serve its expanding pool of European clients, and also to support a pilot project with a leading German semiconductor manufacturer. Additionally, as part of its future plan, D-SIMLAB has secured a key MRO player and a major semiconductor company as lead customers for the specific purposes of the proposal under TECS Grant. D-SIMLAB’s founding team consisting of Dr. Peter Lendermann, Gan Boon Ping and Dr. Nirupam Julka, were conferred the A*STAR Scientist Entrepreneur Award 2009 for successfully commercialising their research.

Commenting on the successful Grant Award, Dr. Peter Lendermann, CEO and Co-Founder of D-SIMLAB said, “The TECS POV award is an independent endorsement of our technology development and commercialisation plans in the Aerospace MRO and Semiconductor Manufacturing industry. The development of this Symbiotic Simulation framework and its implementation in the industry will propel the value proposition of D-SIMLAB to the industry.”

Mr Boon Swan Foo, Chairman of D-SIMLAB and Executive Chairman of Exploit Technologies said, “Receiving the competitive TECS Grant is a strong testimony to Exploit Technologies’ efforts in nurturing the young company; and in D-SIMLAB’s excellent implementation of its marketing and development plan, which is backed by robust A*STAR’s technology. Exploit Technologies has worked very closely with D-SIMLAB since its infancy days when the founders were still researchers with the A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). Recognising D-SIMLAB’s market potential, we have at the on start helped in evolving its business plan, raising funds, opening doors to business opportunities, providing mentoring services and lending our support in the company’s daily operations.

“We are heartened that D-SIMLAB has brought to fruition our efforts through its early successes in securing major customers and venturing overseas; all these despite the bleak economic conditions. Exploit Technologies remains committed in our quest to incubate more of such companies like D-SIMLAB; so as to develop a robust pipeline of promising made-in-Singapore technologies and start-ups.”

The company’s focus on long-term development plan has also attracted substantial investment last year from Imprimatur Capital, an international investor in technology backed businesses. “D-SIMLAB is an exciting and rapidly growing company with best of breed technology and a great track record of execution in their target markets and we are extremely happy to have made our investment in the business. They are also a showcase for Singapore and what it can offer in terms of early-stage growth technology businesses. We are confident their recent accolades will spur them on to greater success and look forward confidently to them realising their full potential,” said Andy Bottomley, Executive Director of Imprimatur Capital, UK.

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