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D-SIMLAB launches D-SIMCON Scheduler & Dispatcher and D-SIMCON Photo Optimiser

Following numerous successes with major Semiconductor Manufacturing companies around the globe with its simulation-based D-SIMCON solutions for WIP Management and Dynamic Capacity Planning, D-SIMLAB is proud to announce the launch of two new products that have already been successfully implemented with a pilot customer in Japan:

  • The D-SIMCON Scheduler & Dispatcher closes the gap of the D-SIMCON product suite to operational decision-making in a wafer fab. Based on the latest (real-time) status of operations the solution assigns WIP lots to production equipment in a sequence such that a set of KPIs is likely to be met in the best possible manner, makes sure that lots will be dispatched to equipment according to schedule, and dispatch decisions arising from immediate events around re-routing for rework, pilot runs, seasoning wafers etc. will be executed instantly.
  • The D-SIMCON Photo Optimiser automates the process of adjusting the product/layer dedication and resist allocation in the lithography area (typically a set of cluster tools comprising coating, exposure and development steps) of a wafer fab. The optimisation is intended to balance equipment utilisation in the best possible manner, has to take into account numerous domain-specific factors, and achieve a trade-off between capacity loss and/or excessive cycle time increase caused by tool downs vs. the need to carry out additional pilot runs.

The pilot installations of both solutions have already seen dramatic enhancements of various critical KPIs, and D-SIMLAB is now looking forward to bringing these solutions to customers worldwide to enable them realise significant and maintainable cost reductions and performance enhancements of their fab operations.

More details can be found at here.

For further enquiries please contact

Dr Peter Lendermann, CEO, peter@d-simlab.com