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“From a Digital Description to a Truly Digital Twin of a Wafer Fab” will be presented by D-SIMLAB at the 2022 APCSM Conference.

The 2022 Advanced Process Control Smart Manufacturing Conference will be held during 11-13 October 2022 in Austin TX, USA.

Digital Twins have become a key element of the global Industry 4.0 campaign with the objective to speed up digitalization in production and logistics. The potential of the Digital Twin concept for the enhancement and continuous re-optimization of manufacturing and logistics operations has been widely recognized and accepted in industry.

In this presentation we will describe the D-SIMCON Digital Twin framework comprising a strategic, a tactical, and an operational decision-making layer, each with a specific set of purposes and application use cases, which have been integrated into a single Digital Twin framework for modelling, data management, analysis, enhancement and optimization of capacity and material flow and forms the basis of our D-SIMCON product suite for Semiconductor Manufacturing.

This will also be illustrated through real examples from Semiconductor Frontend Manufacturing (wafer fabrication), also indicating how this can help tackle some of the critical challenges associated with the current worldwide IC crunch:

  • On the strategic level: Determination of an optimized factory load mix to increase fab out capacity without having to compromise on cycle time or due-date performance,
  • On the tactical level: Smoothing of WIP waves and reduction of cycle times through better synchronization of Preventive Maintenance timing with material flow,
  • On the operational level: Increase of the number of wafers that can be processed within critical time windows and the resulting capacity increase. er

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