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“Scheduling Of Wafer Fab Operations – How to Make It Smart While Juggling Multiple Objectives” – D-SIMLAB will present at the Smart Enterprise Forum at SEMICON Southeast Asia on 24 May 2023 in Penang/Malaysia.

To make a wafer fab production schedule ‘smart’ and yet acceptable to production managers and (in less automated fabs) operators, specific domain-specific attributes and constraints have to be considered for schedule generation. The optimisation carried out is a combination of several weighted local objectives such as minimise cycle time, maximise the number of wafer moves, or maximise batching efficiency. Straightforward scheduling decision control is achieved through consideration of special characteristics for operations or even environmental conditions. Certain scheduling parameters can also be adapted automatically based on the WIP situation in the fab. The overall paradigm is reflected by a focus on creating maximum possible value within minimum time, i.e. with as few iterations as possible.

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