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“Using Simulation and Digital Twins to Innovate: Are We Getting Smarter?” – D-SIMLAB to participate in a Panel Discussion at the Winter Simulation Conference 2021

Peter Lendermann, D-SIMLAB Chief Business Development Officer, will participate in a panel discussion about the use of simulation for Digital Twins at the upcoming Winter Simulation Conference, to be held during 13-15 December 2021 in Phoenix AZ, USA. The panel will be joined by renowned experts from both industry and academia and be chaired by Professor Simon Taylor from Brunel University (United Kingdom).

Digital Twins have emerged as a major new area of innovation and are often found at the core of “smart” solutions that have also turned out to be major areas of innovation. Modelling and Simulation (M&S) approaches create a model of a real-world system that is linked to data sources and is used to simulate and predict the behaviour of its real-world counterpart. On the face of it Digital Twins and M&S appear to be similar, if not the same. In this setting, the panel will address the questions whether the two fields are really separate or rather Digital Twin research would be re-inventing the “M&S wheel”. To investigate these relationships, some contemporary innovations with Digital Twins will also be presented during the panel.

Peter’s contribution in the panel will reflect his experiences specifically in the Semiconductor Manufacturing domain where D-SIMLAB has made major contributions in recent years with various renowned customers across the globe to the use of ‘Digital Twins’ for material flow and capacity planning enhancement to increase capacity utilisation, reduce cycle times and increase delivery performance especially in wafer fabrication facilities.

More details about the Winter Simulation Conference can be found here.