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Scrap Analysis

Expendables are parts that are not repaired and scrapped whenever they fail and replaced with a new working unit. Repairable parts are those that can be can be repaired after a failure occurs and are replaced on the aircraft with a working part while the failed part is being repaired. However, depending on the age of the part or the type of failure, sometimes they need to be scrapped. When a part is scrapped or lost in a transaction process, a decision has to be made whether resupply from the supplier of that part is necessary. However, there are many factors that could affect this decision such as current inventory levels of the part at different airports, expected line maintenance demands and hangar maintenance demands of the part, existing budget etc.

D-SIMSPAIR provides the user with a decision support tool to help them with the decision of “if to procure?” and “how much to procure?” It gives a step-by-step approach in showing the user the impact of both non-procurement and procurement of spares to replace the scrapped parts on the Service Level and budget.

How you benefit

  • Automated dashboard for decision support for procurement decisions
  • Prevents unnecessary purchase of scrapped parts that aren’t required
  • Provides information on the optimal number of the units of the part to be purchased
  • Decision is made considering procurement budget